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Fourie D, Leonard J.  2018.  Inertial Odometry With Retroactive Sensor Calibration.  (3.29 MB)
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Finman R, Paull L, Leonard JJ.  2015.  Toward Object-based Place Recognition in Dense RGB-D Maps. ICRA workshop on visual place recognition in changing environments.  (4.56 MB)
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Finman R, Whelan T, Paull L, Leonard JJ.  2014.  Physical Words for Place Recognition in Dense RGB-D Maps. ICRA workshop on visual place recognition in changing environments.  (10.33 MB)
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Fallon MF, Johnnsson H, Leonard JJ.  2012.  Efficient Scene Simulation for Robust Monte Carlo Localization using an RGB-D Camera.  (1.76 MB)
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Fallon MF, Kaess M, Johnnsson H, Leonard JJ.  2011.  Efficient AUV Navigation Fusing Acoustic Ranging and Side-scan Sonar.  (1 MB)