Liam Paull

Postdoctoral Associate
32 Vassar St
Rm 32-230
Cambridge, MA 02139
1 617 806 6568

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My main interest is in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) cooperative localization and simultaneous localization and mapping over multiple missions in a changing environment. I am also interested in the intersection between robotics localization and planning, and algorithms that robustly generate plans to achieve mission goals in the presence of localization uncertainty. For more details on my projects and interests see my website.


I am currently a postdoc associate in the Marine Robotics Group headed by Prof John J. Leonard. I completed my PhD at the University of New Brunswick in November 2013 under the co-supervision of Dr. Mae Seto, Dr. Liuchen Chang, and Dr. Howard Li. My dissertation was entitled: "Robust Online Adaptive Sensor-Driven Survey Planning for Single and Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"