Mike Benjamin

Research scientist
32 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA 02139

MIT 2.680    MOOS-IvP

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My work is focussed on algorithms and software for autonomous marine vehicles, some of which are shown to the right. In 2007 I founded moos-ivp.org at MIT, hosting the MOOS-IvP open source project in marine autonomy software. A key part of this project is the use of a behavior based architecture for autonomous decision-making using multi-objective optimization with interval programming for reconciling competing behaviors. This work is driven by the belief that multi-objective optimization is a fundamental component of robust decision-making. Formulating a decision-making problem into distinct specialized components also promotes the development of an autonomous system with contributions from varied developers and organizations. It also allows for a system comprised of public open source general-purpose code alongside non-public specialized code.

BIOGRAPHY - I am a research scientist in the Center for Ocean Engineering, a part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. I am also a member of the Laboratory for Autonomous Marine Sensing Systems and the Marine Robotics Group in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Until December 2010, I was with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport Rhode Island. In October 2014, my students and I competed and won the 2014 International Maritime RobotX Challenge.