Nested Autonomy for Unmanned Marine Vehicles with MOOS-IvP

TitleNested Autonomy for Unmanned Marine Vehicles with MOOS-IvP
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBenjamin MR, Schmidt H, Newman P, Leonard JJ

This document describes the MOOS-IvP autonomy software for unmanned marine vehicles and its use in largescale ocean sensing systems. MOOS-IvP is composed of two open-source software projects funded by the Office of Naval Research. MOOS provides a core autonomy middleware capability, and the MOOS project additionally provides a set of ubiquitous infrastructure utilities. The IvP Helm is the primary component of an additional set of capabilities implemented to form a full marine autonomy suite known as MOOS-IvP. This software and architecture are platform and mission agnostic and allow for a scalable nesting of unmanned vehicle nodes to form large-scale, long-endurance ocean sensing systems composed of heterogeneous platform types with varying degrees of communications connectivity, bandwidth, and latency