Julian Straub

PhD candidate
32 Vassar St
Rm 32-D458
Cambridge, MA 02139

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My research interests in robotics are in (1) perception (computer vision), (2) artificial intelligence (graphical models, SLAM, and non-parametric approaches to machine learning), and (3) the underlying math (sampling and optimization). My goal is to contribute to the body of algorithms and theory, that will enable the next generation of robots to cope with our dynamic, complex, and non-deterministic world.

In fall 2012, I joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) to pursue a PhD in Computer Science. Within the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory(CSAIL), I am working with John W. Fisher III and John Leonard. On my way to MIT, I graduated from the Technische Universität München (TUM) with a Diplom and the Georgia Institute of Technology with a M.Sc. I am very grateful for the many friends, advisors and my family which supported me on this journey.