Pure range-only sub-sea SLAM

TitlePure range-only sub-sea SLAM
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsNewman P, Leonard JJ
Conference Nameicra
Keywordsacoustic flight time, autonomous underwater vehicle, ground truth comparison, long base line transceiver, navigation, navigation filter, position control, range-only simultaneous localization, range-only simultaneous mapping, sonar, submerged transponders, subsea simultaneous localization, subsea simultaneous mapping, transponder location, transponders, underwater sound, underwater vehicles, vehicle trajectory, water column depth

This paper is about using range-only data to navigate an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). We assume the vehicle is equipped with conventional long base line (LBL) transceiver which measures acoustic time of flights (TOFs) between vehicle and small submerged transponders. Using only range data and no prior information other than approximate water column depth, we solve for both transponder location and vehicle trajectory. Results are given using data from a AUV operating in shallow water. A ground truth comparison is made with surveyed transponder locations and trajectory estimates from an on-board Doppler/Compass/LBL derived navigation filter.