Sensor Fusion for Flexible Human-Portable Building-Scale Mapping

TitleSensor Fusion for Flexible Human-Portable Building-Scale Mapping
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsFallon MF, Johnnsson H, Brookshire J, Teller S, Leonard JJ
Conference LocationAlgarve, Portugal

— This paper describes a system enabling rapid multi-floor indoor map building using a body-worn sensor system fusing information from RGB-D cameras, LIDAR, inertial, and barometric sensors. Our work is motivated by rapid response missions by emergency personnel, in which the capability for one or more people to rapidly map a complex indoor environment is essential for public safety. Human-portable mapping raises a number of challenges not encountered in typical robotic mapping applications including complex 6-DOF motion and the traversal of challenging trajectories including stairs or elevators. Our system achieves robust performance in these situations by exploiting state-of-the-art techniques for robust pose graph optimization and loop closure detection. It achieves real-time performance in indoor environments of moderate scale. Experimental results are demonstrated for human-portable mapping of several floors of a university building, demonstrating the system’s ability to handle motion up and down stairs and to organize initially disconnected sets of submaps in a complex environment.