Sudeep Pillai

PhD candidate
32 Vassar St
Rm 230
Cambridge, MA 02139

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I am particularly interested in developing SLAM-aware robots that can learn persistently in an environment from visual experience. My research attempts to understand the capabilities at the intersection of object recognition/scene understanding and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. We envision that robots will be capable of better understanding the representation of objects and its environments by being cognizant of its location and map of the environment. Until recently, my work was focused on learning from visual demonstration.

For a more comprehensive overview of my background and previous work, please refer to my website or CV.

I am a graduate student at CSAIL , MIT, pursuing my Ph.D in Computer Science under John Leonard. I completed my S.M. in Computer Science from EECS, MIT in '14 under the advisorship of Seth Teller. Prior to coming to MIT, I was a computer vision developer at PhaseSpace Motion Capture for 2 years working on real-time computer-vision related technologies. I completed my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in ‘08 at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. I've also had the opportunity to work as a research intern at some exciting companies like MERL and Segway.