John Leonard
principal investigator

Mike Benjamin
research scientist

Liam Paull
postdoctoral associate

Nick Wang
postdoctoral associate

Peter KT Yu
phd candidate

David Rosen
phd candidate

Ross Finman
phd candidate

Dehann Fourie
phd candidate

Sudeep Pillai
phd candidate

Julian Straub
phd candidate

Mei Yi Cheung
phd candidate

Pedro Vaz Teixeira
phd candidate

Janille Maragh
msc candidate



Alexander Bahr (currently Research Scientist at EPFL)
Andrew Bennett (currently Associate Professor at Olin College)
Mike Bosse (currently Research Scientist at CSIRO)
Cesar Cedena (University of Zaragosa)
Ryan Eustice (currently Assistant Professor at U of Michigan)
Maurice Fallon (currently at Assistant University of Edinburgh)
Jacob Feder (currently at Deutsche Bank)
John Folkesson (Research Scientist, KTH)
Luke Fletcher (currently at Boeing, Australia)
Guoquan (Paul) Huang (currently Assistant Professor a @ U. of Delaware)
Richard Heller (currently at Sandia Labs)
Hordur Johannsson (currently at Teledyne Gavia)
Michael Kaess (currently Assistant Research Professor @ CMU)
Been Kim (currently a Ph.D. student in the MIT Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering)
Sung Joon Kim (currently at Bain and Co.)
Jacques Leedekerken (currently at Oracle)
Hunter McClelland (currently Ph.D. Student at Virginia Tech)
John McDonald (NUI Maynooth, Ireland)
David Moore (currently at Dreamworks)
Elias Muggler (currently at KTH)
Paul Newman (currently Reader in Engineering Science, U. of Oxford)
Edwin Olson (currently Assistant Professor at U of Michigan)
Georgios Papadopoulos (currently a Ph.D. student in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Brooks Reed (currently at Cruise Automation)
Richard Rikoski
Mike Salvato (currently at Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Seattle)
Ted Steiner (currently at Draper Lab)
Christopher Wallsmith (currently Chief Technology Officer, Bluefin Robotics)
Aisha Walcott (currently in the MIT MISTI Spain program)
Matt Walter (currently Assistant Professor at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago